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sell your invoices to finance your business

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Submit all documents and sign contracts on-line.

Easy and Transparent

Sell your invoices in two-way auctions where companies and investors submit prices.

No Personal Guarantees Needed

Invoices are sold with no recourse to investors.


You choose which invoices you want to sell and when to sell them.

Optimise your Funding Sources

Free your credit lines with other operators; improve your credit quality and your balance sheet.

Leading Technology Platform

Efficient standardized and streamlined processes.

Start Trading

Four steps to operate on the marketplace

1. Subscribe

It takes 15 minutes to subscribe to 0KM-F as an invoice seller company. Be ready to provide company's data and the details of the directors. If you need any help, you can contact us.

2. Submit your Invoices

Upload one or more invoices, with the details of the underlying contacts and the End Debtor. Sell only the invoices you want, when you need it.

3. Checks

We check that the submitted invoices are valid and recognised by the End Debtor. Within 24 hours, you'll know the result of our checking.

4. Go to Auction

Decide when the auction has to start, even just after the checks if they're positive. Place an offer price and bargain with the investors. If you want to immediately sell to the best available bid price, you can do that, so you receive funds sooner.

Start Selling Invoices

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Which invoices I can Sell


The face value of the invoice must be at least of 10.000 Euro.
The invoice must not be expired.

The End Debtor must be a limited liability company.
We will verify End Debtor's details by public data from companies' registers.

The End Debtor must recognize the invoice and there must be no dispute on it.

The End Debtor cannot be a Government or Public Administration entity.

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